Spring Has Sprung

It is no big secret, that I love spring.  They days get longer and the air gets warmer.  There are tons of festivals all across America.  Most of them are low cost or free.  We recently attended a Salt Life Seafood Festival.  It was so much fun.  We ate some wonderful (and gluten free) seafood … More Spring Has Sprung

Valentines Day

For most it is no surprise that today is Valentines Day-  Our holiday of love, or is it?  As a Hippy I don’t buy into the commercialism of any holidays.  This probably leaves you wondering what do I do for Valentines Day?  Well, not a whole lot.  The husband and I will have a quite … More Valentines Day

For me the most difficult part of being the mom is not letting my view of the world impact the life my children choose for themselves.  Here is an excellent example of one: I truly believe that my sole purpose as a mother is to help my children find their natural talent and use their … More

Mom, I’m bored.

We are about 3 weeks into summer vacation and the boredom complaints from my children have started.  To combat the boredom I put together boredom boxes for each of my kids.  Each box is geared to a specific child.  I filled it with things to spark their imagination and creativity.  For the smallest one I … More Mom, I’m bored.