For me the most difficult part of being the mom is not letting my view of the world impact the life my children choose for themselves.  Here is an excellent example of one: I truly believe that my sole purpose as a mother is to help my children find their natural talent and use their talent to propel them through life.  Each an everyone of us has some natural talent or ability.  Each of our abilities is part of what makes us human, but for us to function as a society we can’t all have the same talent, so talents vary and come in all forms.  One of my kids talent is no stage fright.  Think it is not talent?  Can you get on stage in front of 5,000 people and preform in some manor?  I think that the average person would be terrified or at lest nervous- not this child, she comes alive on the stage.  To express this talent she opted to model and compete in beauty pageants.  She has been successful at both.  I have a very feminist view of the world so these 2 things in my mind objectify women which is the opposite of what I want.  When I realized her talent and manor of expression for her talent I was troubled to say the least.  I had to remind myself that this is her life and and I can help her or hurt her with my hang up.  I don’t feel any different today than  I did and the day we made our first step on her journey.  I trust in that this her path and one day she will continue on this journey without requiring my permission to do so.  Giving her a good start is way better than my view of how the world should be.

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