You Vote With Your Dollars

It is no secret that our society lives in the age of consumerism.  Value is place on tangible items rather than physical experiences.  We also feel disconnected from our elected officials, who I feel seldom hear the public cries and are persuaded by powerful lobbyist.  Well, there are other ways to have your vote heard.  You vote with your dollars!  Each time you spend a dollar think of it as casting your vote.  If you either spend or don’t spend your money with a company you will have a major impact.  Want a better food system? Vote for better food- buy it fresh and local, buy from companies that care about the people they are feeding; don’t buy boxed processed food like items with fake stuff from companies who destroy the earth.  If it doesn’t sell it won’t be produced.   Have a retailer you hate (I do)- don’t spend your money there  I have boycotted this one huge retailer for over 15 years now.   If we each spend our dollars with a little more caution, things will change to the way we want them to be.

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