Spring Has Sprung

It is no big secret, that I love spring.  They days get longer and the air gets warmer.  There are tons of festivals all across America.  Most of them are low cost or free.  We recently attended a Salt Life Seafood Festival.  It was so much fun.  We ate some wonderful (and gluten free) seafood and gyros.  Much to my surprise both my children loved the gyros.  There was live music, which I always enjoy, no matter the type.  Live music is live music in my book.  Almost every festival I have attended has a kids section.  To be honest some are better than others.  This one was great; face painting, 4 different giant inflatables, a mechanical bull and a trampoline bungee jump.  They mechanical bull truly added to my people watching experience.  There was also tons of free swag.  My kids love free stuff, no matter what it is.  They each ended up with a draw string back pack, several informational coloring pages, pens, pencils, sun glasses, hand towel, 2 bracelets, small bottle of sun screen, a guide to local fish and a hand fan.  They had plenty to do quietly when we arrived home, which worked out good because they had tired little legs.  Not bad for an afternoon family outing.  My point is- the weather is better, there is stuff to do all over- get out and enjoy the change in weather and spend some time with your family.

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