Mom, I’m bored.

We are about 3 weeks into summer vacation and the boredom complaints from my children have started.  To combat the boredom I put together boredom boxes for each of my kids.  Each box is geared to a specific child.  I filled it with things to spark their imagination and creativity.  For the smallest one I filled a box with craft items I scavenged in my house.  It has things like toilet paper and paper towel tubes, tape, glue markers and scissors, hole punch and a pack of rainbow construction paper.  For the middle one I put beads and several different knitting type crafts, water colors, colored pencils and a pad of blank drawing paper. The oldest (a teen) has  box with a few books (some classics), and drawing & painting supplies. When I hear the boredom complaint I pull out the box and let them be creative.  Their other option is to take a chore out of my random chores jar and do that (simple tasks like wash the kitchen garbage can, water the plants or pick up yard trash).  Needless to say the box is a big hit.

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